Sludge Drying With Solar And Renewable Energy

Half and a month later, he introduced a medium sludge dryer machine from Fote Machinery . The first is newly developed from ordinary rotary dryer with cleaning device, breaking device and others inside. For drying material with a certain viscosity and smaller particle size, single-cylinder rotary sludge dryer is the better choice.

If the compressed air supply is interrupted or the required minimum pressure is not present, the pressure sensor recognizes this and the SPS initiates the necessary measures. If this occurs during operation, the energy supply is immediately interrupted and the dryer is switched off. The sludge is very sticky and has a special sticky phase during the drying process (40%-60% moisture content). In this extremely narrow transition section, the sludge is easy to agglomerate, the surface is hard and difficult to crush, but the inside is still thin.

Taida air swept tubular drying machine can uttermost eliminate harmful substances contained in painting sludge. Also, it is a kind of work which holds strict requirements for environment, temperature and other different indicators. In order to guarantee good quality, painting process has specific requirements for cleanliness, temperature, humidity and ventilation lighting system. During the pretreatment, coating and drying process, there will be exhaust gas, sewage and waste residues produced. Especially, organic solvent in paints are always flammable and explosive matters that are harmful to people’s health. Without proper disposal, it will not only affect operators’ health and security, but also cause pollution to environment.

Aiming at the characteristics of sludge solidification in the process of sludge drying, the structure of the general single-channel dryer has been changed. The combined self-cleaning device has been adopted, which greatly expands the application range of the single-channel dryer. Similar sludge, can also dry a variety of high viscosity materials. The two-stage sludge drying process completely uses the waste heat obtained from the primary drying system. With the integration of energy recovery, the operational costs can be reduced. In the process, the sludge in the plasticization stage is made into particles to avoid dust generation.

Sludge Thickener manufacturer

Our LD1507 sludge microwave drying equipment and LD1927 microwave tunnel type Tenebrio Molitor drying and puffing equipment are guaranteed for one year and are free of maintenance for life. The sludge moisture content is small, can reduce the floor space, and reduce the secondary pollution rate. The heating efficiency is high, so the drying time can be shortened, thereby reducing energy consumption. Today Solwa designs and produces belt sludge dryers with the aim of making sludge management efficient, respecting the environment and climate. SUEZ offers several dryers to product safe and hygienic biosolids that are biologically stable which allows for long-term storage as well as a broader range of resource recovery options, either as energy or material. Thermal drying equipmetn or solar drying drying technology are one of several methods that can be used to reduce the volume and improve the quality of wastewater biosolids.

The dryer liner uses indirect heat sources from steam, electric strips or gas fire. Our preheated airflow system draws the moisture off the top of the internal dryer and out through our wet scrubber system. After typically 4-6 hours of drying time the dried material is removed by simply opening our discharge panel underneath our units for gravity discharge into a container. Another option is to include a conveyor auger to move the sludge to an elevated container.

The whole equipment adopts closed running design, no odor out, no need to add expensive odor removal system. The system can further reduce the water content to 10-30% adjustable as you wish. Our dryer can operate on Natural Gas, Propane, RNG, CHP Exhaust or a combination. PETRA TEXTIMA is committed to help the customers not only by supplied the machine, but also helping the customers to find the right method and equipment to solve the problems. Our Service team is ready to help our customers in finding the solution uniquely fit for each industries. Compare to the above industries, it contains very high TSS, High BOD, High COD, High Oil Content and huge flow rate resulting huge amount of oily sludge.

Sludge thickening treatment can produce the sludge with 1-3% solid. Sludge dewatering treatment produce sludge cake with 80% moisture content. Sludge drying treatment produce dry sludge with 10 – 30 % moisture content, depending on the requirement and the characteristic of sludge. If those treatments done properly, the cost of sludge disposal will reduce significantly making an extra profit for the industries. In most cases, we replaced conventional filter press, decanter, belt press or dry bed.

Our machine has helped lots of enterprises achieve good economic, social & environmental benefits. Now it is hot selling at home and abroad, and widely used in electroplating, tannery, dyeing, paper mills, chemical, sewage treatment plants, pharmacy, wine, starch industry, bio-fermentation etc. The indirect heating type generates only small amounts of exhaust gas, compact exhaust gas treatment system and deodorization system is applied. In addition, the dryer can perform vacuum drying at low temperatures. Moisture contents can be controlled by the temperature of the heating media and by the retention time by adjusting the weir height of dryer outlet.