Downlights Explained

Most downlights in the market are maximum 40W, but 60W-200W high power lights are in great demand. In addition, 6-8 inches regular size far from meeting really needs. In this case, our LED downlight that has a wide selection like 30W-200W & 6-14 inches for optional sell good for sure. High power 200W recessed LED downlight, recessed 200W LED downlights, 200W LED ceiling light, 200W LED spotlight, high power 200W LED downlight. 8-14 inch hole size optional, 200W CREE COB LEDs, 24000Lm high brightness. 200W recessed LED downlight can replace 600W traditional downlight. High power 200W recessed LED downlight, recessed 200W LED downlights, 200W LED ceiling light, 200W LED spotlight, high power 200W LED down light. General area illumination is accomplished using open reflector or baffle trims.

Recessed downlights are unobtrusive fixtures that maximize the illumination of your space, and come in more than a dozen varieties to best suit your environment. From small to large, gentle to powerful, for damp or dry locations, all of SENSO’s recessed downlights are created with a precision easily customizable to any space. The location where the LED downlights installed is very important, especially if the design is suitable in areas that has moistures and dust in the air. Always look for a downlight that has a high IP rating for bathrooms and outdoor use. It consists of 2 digits, IPX1X2 where X1 is the first digit and X2 is the second digit . IP rating of 44 is commonly being used for general lighting. Any IP rating of 65+ is for general outdoor and bathroom use.

A series of LED recessed ceiling mounted downlights available in a variety of housing sizes, light distributions, and light outputs. These luminaires are designed for down lighting atriums, canopies, passages and other interior and exterior locations featuring symmetrical narrow or wide beam distributions. A great range of LED recessed downlights for retail and commercial lighting applications. Honeycomb and prismatic diffusers available to create different light effect. LED Downlights are the LED light fittings that illuminate downwards from the ceiling. They are a great way to create zones, navigate around the space and highlight your key pieces in your home or project. Great for domestic and commercial lighting applications. Compared with halogen downlights, LED downlights last much longer while saving up to 80% energy, very energey efficient.

Tick here to sign up to receive newsletters on updates to our products and services. Presenting the Vorsa Frame, the perfect solution for lighting art. Take a look at our lighting controls guideto find out more. It is best to hire a trained electrician to install downlights. Downlights are installed into the ceiling and a spotlight is fixed onto a wall or ceiling as demonstrated in the below images. Integrated LED Downlights in a variety of sizes, light colors and shapes to suit any home. Bring the warm, dim glow reminiscent of traditional incandescent and halogen sources into your space, for a fraction of the energy consumption, with our Dim-to-Warm solution. nLight® is your network lighting controls systems with wired or wireless options, that is easy to specify and install. nLight is designed to function as a standalone (one-room solution) or networked across an entire campus, ideal for renovation and new construction projects. Your day isn’t complete without the knowledge that you are warm and protected from the elements.

Lucent Wall-washer Downlight

Let us help you get started with our superior LED lighting products. Warm white colour temperature ranges between 2700K – 3500K, producing an orange to yellowish colour giving it a cosy, calm, inviting and intimate ambience. Best suitable in areas like the living rooms, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, restaurants or decorative outdoor lighting. The offered 3 W led down light is made with quality proven products with current technology. Additionally, this LED down light is meticulously inspected under the guidance of professionals. Our customers can take this LED down light along with different stipulations at pocket friendly rates. If necessary due to installation restrictions or lighting requirements the mounting height can be changed to high or low by removing the spacer ring and changing the reflector accordingly.

4SFK / 4SFL2X 4″ apert. shallow LED downlight. Open reflector. delivered lumens. 3-5 day Quick Ship pcs. The wall wash units should be the same aperture size used in the rest of the room to maintain a clean appearance on the ceiling. Wall wash trims provide maximum uniformity without glare and scalloping. Eyeballs and other adjustable trims are also popular choices for their general versatility. KLM Lighting combines the latest LED Lighting technology and design styles to follow market lighting trend, production attractive and sustainable luminaires. We have more than 300 products, including many high-performance products with exclusive patented technology. Chromawerx Duo offers a two-channel control system which uses analog or digital protocals for synchronous control of both warm to cool LED arrays – maintaining a CRI above 90. The range of color Duo offers is useful for entraining circadian rhythms, stimulating alertness, and compensating for Jet-Lag among other applications.

A downlight is a light fitting that lights in a downward direction to light an area below. They are usually recessed into the ceiling so you see only a small part of fitting below the ceiling. The SensorSwitch™ JOT enabled solution provides a wireless, app-free approach to single room lighting control. Absolutely no 0-10V control wires and no mobile apps are needed to install and pair JOT enabled products, allowing for lightning speed installation right out of the box. These inconspicuous LED lights are perfect for delivering full-room lighting to any space, task lighting over work areas, and highlighting architectural features of a room or a new piece of artwork. No matter the task, downlights are sure to provide a nice blend to any room. With this 12 pack of stunning LED recessed lights, you get a set that will save money and energy.

They also deliver instant energy savings and have a much longer lifetime, creating a real value-for-money and environmentally friendly solution. They are easy to install thanks to their standard cut-out size and push-in connectors. InterAct Ready luminaires with integrated wireless communications in this family available, to be used with InterAct gateways, sensors and software. Choose between recessed or surface mounted downlights to light up any space in your home. Recessed downlights are fitted into the ceiling and provide glare free light. Most people choose the fixed type which directs light in a fixed direction depending on the angle of the beam inside the globe. For ceilings higher than 10ft, use 1000 lumens in your downlights to make sure light reaches the floor.

The H6 housing is IC rated, airtight, inherently protected and, when ordered with a GU24 socket, California Title-24 compliant. AX2SQ 2 INCH LED Discreet and aesthetically stunning, the AX2 multiples deliver 800 to 1500 lumens per head of high-precision, adjustable accent lighting. CSL offers designers an innovative line of recessed downlights and cylinders that are easy to install and can be adjusted below the ceiling. The patented optic system provides 45° aiming with infinite rotation and zero cut off. GyroShift technology brings the full beam of light where you need it. The power supply/transformer included with this kit supports up to thirty standard LED recessed lights or twenty-four NexGen lights. If you are ordering additional downlights with your kit, you can select an upgraded transformer when you purchase.