Can Bio Fuels help solve Climate Change

Facing a lot of reality amid such as warming by human caused, government of every country try to find out some ways to change this situation and solve the problem so that our offspring will avoid a disaster so what we do to save the future? Simple question with simple answer but it is not easy to absolutely easy to realize, otherwise it would not be a critical issue human face. The answer is to use energy more wisely and try the best to reduce wasting our precious resources. This is not only a slogan but we must progress this proposal and enhance our execution to everywhere and every links. Second, we may use clean energy such as wind, solar power, water and plants to replace toxic fuels or fossil fuels.

The term “bio-fuels” has many meanings, but basically they are all fuels for growth (such as corn ethanol), which we can use instead of fossil fuels (such as petroleum and diesel). Although bio fuels can be any fuel produced from plant materials, they have historically been produced from food crops such as corn and soybeans as popular application. However, new technologies are enabling bio fuel production through non-food gases, wood and other plant waste. Then there is the complex factor of economics. The price of bio fuels and the price of greenhouse gases are important. If society is willing to pay for small pollution costs like carbon taxes, 100 percents it will support producers of clean energy. But if society does not pay attention and premium to clean energy, then cleaning companies are more difficult to thrive as real.

The beauty of bio fuels is that they absorb carbon dioxide from the air during growth. When we burn them in a car, we release carbon dioxide, but it absorbs the same amount of carbon as the plant grows. On this basis, bio fuels appear to be zero net emitters. Well, there is another great example of clean energy namely seaweed bio fuels.

Seaweed Bio Fuels Said by Brunner Lars, worked at The Scottish Association for marine Science, “It’s a very good site,” he added “It has really nice currents; the seaweed needs the water to flow over the blades so they can capture the nutrients they need.” Seaweed is cultivated in a perfect fjord. There used to be a fish farm near Auburn in Argyll, where the rugged green hills overlook the lake.

The study of seaweed from Vietnam to Israel to Chile has invested millions of pounds because the production of bio fuels in the ocean has eliminated many of the serious problems of traditional bio fuels. While it is important as a green alternative to oil, many bio fuels are produced from food crops, such as corn and sugar, which push up global prices in a world where billions of people are already hungry. Bio fuel production also consumes increasingly scarce fresh water, and the worst example as palm oil, can produce more carbon dioxide than diesel.

Seaweed is also used to produce vitamin supplements – this huge Chinese industry was established to provide iodine for the country’s growing population – as well as cosmetics, plastics and animal feed. These multiple uses can help solve the biggest obstacles to seaweed breakthroughs in bio fuels.

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